An Ultimate Health Secret – DNA

Ordinary people try to seek out the source of their health troubles. They go to the doctor and want to know why they’re sick, they expect the psychologist to be able to pinpoint the source of their angst, and they want to know what exactly is the key move that they need to make to draw down blessings on their life. Even in science, the approach is the same.

If you follow biochemistry, as I do, you soon discover that your knowledge becomes out of date because more and more fundamental, higher order chemical actors are constantly discovered, which regulate all the chemicals “below“ them. If you’re reading this article, you probably have some interest in this topic, looking for a better understanding of the way forward.


In the Tony Quinn Educohealth system we say that your aim should be to increase your Life Force. Lots of things increase your Life Force including your diet, your level and type of physical activity, your mental attitude, and your connection with Life itself. But if you look at it just from a chemical point of view in the body, everything is controlled by your nucleic acids – DNA and RNA.

If you need more antioxidants, your body itself can make them, commanded by the DNA. When you want more protein and feed yourself some amino acids, then your DNA will do the rest of the work. If you want to prevent protein breakdown and help extend your life, then your DNA can command the production of hormones which causes that to happen.

When your DNA and RNA are properly activated, then with relatively small amounts of food, vitamins etc. your body will tend to express a kind of inner perfection – it’s written in your DNA.

A Higher Force

Now in our present state of knowledge, the DNA commands everything, but in actual truth there seems to be a higher organising force, nothing mystical – scientists speak of this but have not charted it out – which does certain things that cannot be seen to be done by DNA. For instance the whole growth process of modelling the body in a certain shape. Much of this appears to be controlled by some kind of electrical pattern in the body.

Activate your DNA

Speculation aside, it’s open to anyone to activate their DNA and RNA in a very productive manner. When you do that, you become literally radiant on different levels. Your skin comes up, your body heat comes up so that you can tolerate cold better, and your capacity for energy comes up so that you can exercise better and run up the stairs every day effortlessly.

More importantly perhaps your immune system comes up and your circulation comes up; your heart cells, kidney cells, thymus cells, brain cells all show signs of being able to regenerate, even in the face of stress. This is literally how you go about slowing down the aging rate. And all of this enhances your natural immunity, your ability to respond to an infection and field defences, plus having an excellent effect on your mood and capacity to enjoy life.

How well is your DNA doing its job?

These wonderful benefits can show up quite quickly in your system, with a change of diet and including perhaps the use of some supplements. But if you keep going down this road for an extended period, you may transform your system into one that much more resembles that of the ideal man or woman – by that I mean the man or a woman you are or were about the age of 26 when your growth process has completed, and you emerge as a fully formed human being. How well is your DNA doing its job?

While we are surrounded with good advice as to how to live our life in a healthy manner, very little of it deals with this matter of how well your DNA is doing its job. In the Tony Quinn Educohealth system, we suggest that you should include nucleic acid in your diet to assist this process. Your body naturally can assimilate and digest DNA and RNA in food, and all food which is made of cells, whether animal or vegetable, contains both DNA and RNA.

Nucleic Acids

Certain foods however contain a super-abundance of these nucleic acids. One of the best is Desiccated Liver. Desiccated liver is particularly potent to activate the DNA and improve the quality of all the tissues. This is noticeable in the skin at an early stage, because the skin renews itself constantly. It’s also noticeable in your energy and endurance and strength at an early stage.

Martin Forde ND DO