‘Tony Quinn’ Amino Or is Ireland’s simple answer to losing weight

Phase I: Amino-Or 60 capsules (night-time)

Have you ever noticed that you weigh less in the morning than you did at night? This is because an important part of your body’s fat-burning process takes place at night-time. The person who has a certain level of fat built up over time can get into a state where this process is not working too well. Tony Quinn weight loss product has been selling in Ireland for 30 years and is giving our customers sensational results For the fat-burning process to work properly it is essential first of all that you do not eat before bed. The ideal fasting time is three hours. After that, you may benefit from the use of a suitable food supplement that can enhance the process. The great advantage of harnessing this natural process is that your body will tend to selectively burn fat, not firm tissue.

Amino Energise Day Time Formula

Did you know that your body burns calories even while you are watching TV or sitting at your desk? This is called your resting metabolism or metabolic rate. The more firm tissue you have, the higher your metabolism.

Amino Energise is designed to directly benefit your metabolism. It contains the very building blocks of protein, which in turn forms the firm tissue in your body. The majority of fat in the body is actually burnt by firm tissue.

Protecting firm tissue with Amino Energise can make a huge contribution to avoiding any fat rebound often associated with weight-loss programs.

Note that the two-stage weight loss system is a completely different approach to the idea of reducing calories because you are not starving or breaking down your firm tissue.

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Combines well with Profemme and Proform Proteins

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