Tony Quinn Omega-3 Fish Oil Story

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What is Omega 3?

Tony Quinn Omega-3 Fish Oil Story and how important omega-3 fish oils are.
Tony Quinn believes Omega-3 fish oils are a family of essential fatty acids that play an important role in the body. They provide several potentially life-changing health benefits. The two most important types are DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid). DHA and EPA occur in substantial amounts in fish such as mackerel sardines, salmon, etc.. It can be challenging to get the proven benefits of larger amounts of EPA and DHA in the diet. 

Why do I need to take omega-3?

Omega-3 fatty acids are derived essential fats that are often in short supply in the diet. In contrast to Omega-6 oils that are in nearly all manufactured and processed foods. They are necessary for human health, if the body can’t make them you have to get more of them from your diet. For people who do not eat lots of the foods that supply the essential fatty acids, a daily Omega 3 supplement is recommended.

Most people take in far too many Omega-6 oils and hardly any Omega-3’s, resulting in a nutritional imbalance. This can  affects the functioning of the circulation, skin, organs, and glands, and most critically in the brain and nervous system.

A quarter gram a day (EPA and DHA): With this, you’ll be supporting your heart health! Just One Bio-Oils capsule a day, and you are in!

How much Fish Oil do I Need?

A quarter gram a day (DHA only):

Now you get to support your brain function*, and your vision* at great normal levels!. And if you are pregnant, you will assist the brain and eye development of your unborn infant. Obtainable from Two omega 3 fish oil Bio-Oils Capsules. Plus! You get the Heart Health Benefit too!

Two grams a day: help keep your blood fats normal – your triglycerides.

Normal levels of blood triglycerides are significantly associated with good heart health. Oh, and don’t forget – you get to help your brain, eyes, and heart as well! To get to this level, you need to be in at Four Bio-Oils a day.

Take three grams a day: at this level, you’re going to help keep your blood pressure normal. Normal blood pressure is often a difficult challenge for older people in particular. If you can keep your blood pressure normal, it greatly helps the continued health of your blood circulation in your heart and brain. Plus at this level, you are also getting a vital level of help for your Triglyceride Blood Fats, and your brain and eyes are going to benefit too! Obtainable from Five Bio-Oils daily.

Make sure you’re getting omega 3 fish oils. Rather than fish oils plus lots and lots of toxins from polluted areas such as the North Atlantic

Get the best Omega-3

Educohealth Bio-Oils are sold here Tony Quinn Educohealth online

These are body oils derived from fish that swim in the purest waters of the world, off the coast of Peru.

Bio-Oils are molecularly distilled and concentrated to a 60% level of EPA and DHA.

These are which are the active ingredients. They are Triglycerides, not chemical ‘esters’: triglycerides are the form of oils naturally found in your daily foods.

It’s a Win-Win game for all players!

The EU Food Safety Authority advises: Do not take more than 5g daily of EPA/DHA fish oils (Eight Bio-Oils Capsules!). All statements are based on Approved Claims authorized by the EU Food Safety Authority.