Aideen Reidy (Gym Manager, Dublin)

Aideen-ReidyObtaining the Diploma in Holistic Nutrition and Dietetics  was the official seal of approval I needed to open doors for me in the health industry. Through the course I was offered work in a gym, within which I progressed from reception to manager in less than 5 months. The staff and clients alike benefit from the practical and cutting edge information I learned on the course, and Ive even been invited to do a nutrition blog on  www.zumbagalaxy.com to share nutrition tips with class attendees.

 I really enjoyed doing the course. It was comprehensive, practical, and easy to apply.   As the teachers were experienced practitioners, they were able to give us very real feedback about how to help clients achieve results, and that really brought the material to life. Also, I found the  continual assessment really helped me to stay on track with the studying.

Plunkett Cromwell
(Background in Science and Yoga Teaching, Co. Meath)

Plunkett_small1The course far exceeded my expectations and was truly life-changing. At times, I found the interactive work a bit challenging, but it made me jump out of my comfort zone and brought me to new levels of understanding myself and being with others. Seeing how effective the techniques were in our client work has given me great confidence to start my own practice. And I have even started giving talks  which is something I would not have done before!





Linda Walsh (Social Work Background, Dublin)

PP_Linda_smallFrom a personal development point of view alone, the course was well worth it.  It gave you the opportunity to reflect on your life, on where you were going, and to set positive goals.  I found a huge “knock-on “ effect on my own life and relationships. Initially, I was a bit wary of the academic side, but the lectures and assignments were so practical, you literally “learned by doing” and that made the studying much easier. It was great to see the positive changes in the clients we worked with, and I have paricularly enjoyed running a voluntary course in my own community. 



David Burke
(Management Background, Limerick)

PP_David_smallThe one year diploma course was excellent in content and very compehensive. The qualification has been excellent for my own business of mentoring and coaching individuals and executives. In addition it was a most enjoyable course  and a great learning experience for my own personal development . I am delighted I took the course and the benefits way exceeded my expectations.






Delourde Scallan  (Educational Background Co. Kildare)

I would highly recommend the Positive Psychology course, whether you are considering it as a means to professional development or just for your own personal development. I loved the fact that the material we studied had a scientific background and that the interventions have been proven to actually work. I have learned to build on my own personal strengths and look forward to helping others do the same. Thank you to all the tutors involved, you were inspirational.


Rose Twomey (Psychotherapy Background, Cork)

Rose_twomey_smallWhat I loved most about the course was the experiential aspect. We practised all the techniques ourselves, shared our findings, and found them to be extremely effective. It was great to be able to pass them on to clients, family and friends to use in everyday life.I felt very confident seeing clients and plan to work in this area at least part-time. My clients are very enthusiastic about these techniques, are making them part of their lives and are noticing a shift in their thinking.

The positive psychology course has benefits for people of all ages and all walks of life, both in their personal lives and in the ripple effect they can have on those around them.




Zoe Warren (Arts and Psychology Graduate, Dublin)

zoeThe positive psychology course was , by far, the best thing I have ever done in my life.  It helped me to build my own self-esteem and grow as a person – I even took the step of flying half-way across the world to live in New Zealand and to undertake a skydive from 15,000 feet, something I would only have done in my wildest nightmares before!

No longer do I feeel unable to achieve things that I wish to achieve, which would previously seemed out of my reach, and no longer do I allow things to get me down, when they once would have. Even when things here haven’t gone according to plan, I have been able to deal with all the stresses. At 23, I was the youngest on the course, but all the learning about how to live my life more  happily from day to day, as well as helping others to do so, has changed my life for the better and made me a much more resourceful person.


Bart Harding  (Ki Massage Therapist)

The ki massage therapy course was one of the best things that ever happened in my life.  The teachers were excellent, and really made sure we were doing everything perfecly. I completed the course in 2000,went into practice immediately  and have been in practice continuously since. I have really a passion for this type of work : when I see the the relief it brings to people suffering from say sciatica or migraine, it makes it all worthwhile.  Over the years, I have recommended several others , including my own son, to do the course, and they all thoroughly enjoyed it.


Melissa Smith (Owner Synergy, Health and Beauty Centre)

To date, I have done three course with the IAHM. I started with the ki massage in 2003.  It was a fantastic experience- the tutors taught us how to connect with our own energy and use this to provide the best experience for the cllient This is much more than just a massage course, it goes much deeper than other courses out there, I learned from amazing tutors and  developed great skills. I didn’t know it at the time but I had taken the first step on y new career path.

I followed up with the yoga teacher training , which was also an amazing course, and with these qualifications, plus my qualification in Personal Training, I opened Synergy – a gym, yoga, health and beauty centre.

I went on to study the Holistic Dietetics and Nutrition course.  The knowledge I gained on this course was huge, and it has stood me every day since at Synergy, whether I am conducting personalised consultations, chatting with gym clients or advising the beauty staff and clients on nutrition for great skin and nails.

IAHM course are so different to other courses out there. Along with learning all about the main subject, you learn so much about holistic philosophy , and more importantly about yourself.  Some of the people I met on the course I now count among my closest friends If you want to study under tutors who have great knowledge and experience, and who care about your progress, I would strongly recommend the IAHM. 


Joe Fox (Holistic Healing Centre)

I qualified as a Ki Massage therapist in June 19998. I set up my own centre here in Graiguenamanagh and offered Ki massage to the public. Since then, I have established a large client base.

The course was enjoyable, thorough, and for me personally, life-changing as it gave me a different perception of myself and the world we live in.

I have gone on to study other therpies , but I still use Ki massage in my practice to-day as it effects change at a much deeper level than any other type of massage.   www.joefox.ie


Kevin Forde (Personal Trainer)

Taking the dietetics course was one of the best decisions I ever made in my career. The course gave me a comprehensive understanding of the importance of nutrition to overall health, not only for myself but for all my clients. I learnt not only about how to give dietary advice to people regarding weight loss but also how nutrition can play a huge role helping a wide variety of issues like cholesterol, skin care, increasing energy etc.

Without this course I would never have had the understanding and

confidence to relay nutritional advice to my clients.  The type of information in this course makes such a huge difference to your quality of life that everyone in the world could do with this type of understanding!

Erika Doolan  (Nutrition Consultant / Menu Planner Restaurant Business)

Erika-Doolan-sThe nutrition course  is a really enjoyable, well structured course for anyone passionate about food and nutrition. You learn how food intake really affects health. You may want to start your career in this area or you may be a parent and simply want to know just how important nutrition can be for your growing child. Either way I would highly recommend this course, it was a real eye-opener!





Ciara Hannon

Chartered Physiotherapist, Ki Massage Therapist & Pilates Instructor “I love working with people in a relaxed environment. I’m mainly based in a physiotherapy/pilates clinic. I find the Ki Massage adds a hugely beneficial element to helping my clients return to their perfect health. The results are so rewarding with people feeling physically and mentally lighter and much more energised.”


Michael Gaines

Ki Massage Therapist, Dublin “When clients come to me they relax to a depth that they may not have reached since childhood. “People work hard and are in stressful jobs so it is vital that they take time out to get a massage. They’re so busy and stressed earning money that their health can suffer. Massage is a great way of staying stress-free and healthy”.