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The food we eat can have a dramatic effect on our health and well-being. The vast majority of health conditions are closely connected to our diet. Our bodies are made up of cells, billions of them.  They are reproducing but need the correct nutrients in the right balance in order to do so properly. We know that if we put the wrong fuel into our car, it won’t work properly.

Likewise, years of living on an unsuitable diet can take its toll. A few months on a diet really suited to us can have a dramatically beneficial effect on our health.

We can help with many health and dietary concerns including:


ffree-radicalsYour Free Radicals are one of the most important indicators of healthy function of the body and ageing.

Free Radicals attack healthy cells causing them to age faster and become more vulnerable to disease. They are involved in everything from heart disease, arthritis, wrinkles – in fact most degenerative diseases.

Now available in Ireland, a simple test can give you an accurate assessment of your Free Radicals in minutes. It involves a small finger-prick blood test. Simple healthy-eating guidelines and supplement advice will be recommended as appropriate.

Nutrition and Well-being Class

familyNutrition and Well-being classes are also available covering a variety of topics including:
• healthy weight management • protein• low G.I. diet
• healthy fats • the alkaline balance • rejuvenation
• helping your hormones naturally • practical nutrition • health goals • healthy skin, hair nails
• eating for energy • relaxation and much more.


scalesAchieve and maintain your healthy weight with a nourishing, tailored, healthy eating plan. Caroline will tailor an effective, balanced and safe plan to help you achieve your ideal weight and shape. She will encourage you to make good food choices, achieve healthy eating habits and develop the right mindset around eating. Goalsetting can be included to ensure an understanding of the role the mind plays in total health.

Weight management plans can also be designed for children and teenagers.

So take this opportunity, invest in yourself, your health and the rest of your life. Give Caroline a call today and together you can work out your own perfect nutritional programme.

What can Caroline do for you?

carolineIn the Nutrition Clinic I will do a thorough case history analysis including weight, measurements, body fat, blood pressure etc. I will design a  practical, balanced, easy-to-follow healthy eating plan to suit your needs, tastes and lifestyle. As a Holistic Nutritionist and Life Coach I take the whole person into account, including expectations, stress levels and the current mindset. I will support and motivate you to help you achieve your health and well-being goals. Regular follow-up reviews are arranged as appropriate.

To book your consultation or class contact Caroline on 018600263 or email

What our clients say…

Healthy Cholesterol

“About 6 weeks ago I had high cholesterol when I had it checked during an insurance medical. The reading was over 9. I immediately booked an appointment to see Caroline Mc Donagh. She put me on a low G.I. diet with particular emphasis on bringing down my cholesterol. I stuck pretty well to her diet instructions and 3 weeks later to the day I had it checked again. The reading was now at 4.6 Naturally I am delighted to have consulted with Caroline and got the result I did. I would definitely recommend a consultation with Caroline whatever your dietary goal might be.” S. Donald

Marathon Diet

“In training for my first ultra marathon – 50 mile – I visited Caroline for nutritional advice. I felt assured if I could get my diet working for me with the correct dosage of supplements, the race would take care of itself. This is given that I had very little prior marathon experience and was doing the minimum training required for the ultra marathon. We worked out the best diet for me for training and to sustain my energy to complete the race while working on body reserves. I finished the ultra marathon on good target time and felt more mentally energized at the end of the race than I did at the start. I recovered very quickly and was back out running again two days later. As such I would recommend a visit to Caroline for any type of sustained endurance activity.” Colman (Newry)

The Holistic Approach

“One month ago I was feeling things weren’t quite perfect with my health as I had always been used to having fantastic health. My dentist sent me to an orthodontist for cleaning of my teeth. He was able to diagnose Candida from looking at my tongue. I made an appointment to see Caroline. She  knew exactly the foods I should avoid and the foods to recommend which moved my body from being less acid to more alkaline.  I have amazing energy on the diet, feel very balanced and have no cravings. I would say it is the best diet I have ever been on. I have returned to the orthodontist and he was amazed the Candida has cleared and asked me how I did it because he said medication doesn’t clear it. I know my health is right up and all the symptoms have completely gone. Something I have learned in life is the importance of using the “holistic approach” and it works.” Nuala McNeeley, Dublin

Caroline Mc Donagh

Holistic & Clinic Nutritionist, Consultant & Lecturer, Psychotherapist, Life Coach, NLP Corporate Coach
Caroline Mc Donagh
Caroline has been on TV and radio as both a Nutritionist and Life coach. She regularly writes articles for newspapers.

As well as being an experienced practitioner, she is a trainer of Holistic Nutritionists. Caroline sees clients on a one-to-one basis in her Dublin clinics and also does phone and Skype consultations. She is a passionate inspirational speaker and holds seminars and courses incorporating her many disciplines.

To book your consultation or class contact Caroline on 018600263 or email

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