Dr. Tony Quinn, Course Consultant

DR. Tony Quinn, Course Consultant

Dr Tony Quinn is Director of studies and Consultant to all our Diploma courses. In Ireland he is the leading figure in holistic medicine for many years, having originated leading holistic therapies available in Ireland today.

He gained international recognition for helping boxer Steve Collins to win the world Super Middleweight boxing title, using his Educo new mind technology system. Educo, derived from the Latin educo meaning to draw out from within, maintains that inside each of us there is a basic person whose potential needs to be drawn out and expressed.

In the best-selling book, ”The Secret” Dr Tony Quinn is noted for his vital role in the discovery of oil in Belize. The geologists who discovered the oil point out that they believe the reason they found oil, where 50 other large-scale operations had failed was due to mind training received from Tony. Tony’s Educo model has been embedded in the operations of the company which has won a global award from the international Oil and Gas Federation for its educational system which was judged to have the most beneficial effect on the local community.


Indeed, Tony has enjoyed remarkable success in the field of business. To date, he has had an input into a few hundred successful businesses at different levels. Using over a 100 of these businesses he conducted a study with East London University over 3 years. On average after 3 years the turn over of these businesses increased by 360%. A further university study showed that 270 people tracked over 3 years after attending his seminars had increased their income by 264%. Conclusive proof indeed that his methods work.
Tony currently makes available two week-long residential seminars for those who are interested in the areas of self-realisation, enlightenment, success in the business of living, health, business. In short, Tony believes the worlds best-kept secret is the potential of you.