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Know Thyself

‘Know thyself’  is probably one of the most intelligent and profound statements ever made. Dr Tony Quinn talks about your Blue Print For Successful Living today and Educoworld, Carrying out your goals and succeeding at them not only makes you stronger but it helps you know yourself. We all have a different hierarchy of goals. Some goals may provide us with an immediate sense of happiness while other goals may provide us with a longer sense of achievement and a Blue Print For Successful Living.

It is important to ask yourself how long you want to be happy. People become stressed as a result of not achieving their goals. However, it is important to remember that no one else sets these goals for you but yourself. You can become fed up with yourself if life is not living up to your expectations. Goals can either burn you out or make you stronger. When you succeed in your goals you allow the powerful process of self-expression into your life.

The Stress Barrier

It is true that too much stress is bad for your health as it can wear out the adrenal glands.

However, too little stress is just as detrimental to your well-being. You need a certain amount of stimulation to excite you and let you know you’re alive!

For example, studies show that animals that never experience stress die very young. You cannot give up all stress and all goals because that would defeat the purpose of living.

We all need certain challenges but not the type of challenges that could overwhelm us. It’s helpful to take a step-by-step approach no matter what the size of your goals is – a small or big blueprint.

Self-confidence in ‘The Self’ brings about long periods of happiness.

When you stop focusing on yourself and start experiencing life, you dramatically increase your chances of being happy.

Tony Quinn Relaxation

Why do people suffer nervous breakdowns? One of the biggest reasons is that peoples feel their lives are not living up to their expectations. Relaxation can be of great benefit in this type of situation.

When you being to relax you can enter a state of euphoria. This is similar to the state of euphoria experienced when you achieve one of your goals. Happiness is innate. It is already within all of us but you never know this if you have all the distracting noise that comes from your thoughts at you all the time.

Happiness has nothing to do with achieving goals. Real happiness comes from being true to yourself and expressing your creativity.


Dr Tony Quinn talks about your blueprint for successful living and how you can manifest your creativity. Jesus once said, “Things onto themselves are not necessarily bad; it’s how you think of them”. Not only are we spiritual beings, we are also creative. However, we all have the free will to use our creative power for good or for bad.

A bomb, for example, is a wrong use of the creative capacity we all have. Ideally, we should all our creative side positively so that we can achieve inner peace and grow in awareness.

Everybody on earth is ultimately aiming to get off the roundabout of cause and effect; clearly, that’s still an unconscious aim for most of the planet’s population.

Ideally what you want is to be able to live your life in a continuing enjoyment of every moment, accepting that you have only the present moment, since you cannot live in the past or the future.

No matter how much you may seem to be a victim of circumstances you still have the power to change your life. That power is within you; you can exercise it positively or negatively. One thing is certain: there will not be a positive direction in your life unless you decide to make it so.

Strive For More Greatness

We are always going to set ourselves goals – it is human nature to strive for more than what we already have. However, most people waste their lives on the wrong goals. What if I told you the real purpose of life is spiritual expression. Does this mean that many people are wasting their lives by not expressing themselves? Where is self-expression on your hierarchy?

When you are true to yourself you are naturally happy and you know the goals you are pursuing. If you can stay in your natural state your power as the creator of your own world becomes unlimited. Life will always give you feedback to let you know you are on the right track; you will have both happiness and the ability to use your creative power as well.

The more you focus on life it becomes a gateway into yourself. Happiness is within, as is the kingdom of heaven. Happiness cannot be lost. All you have to do is to bring it out. It will only work for you if self-expression is at the top of your pyramid.

Depth of Attention

Alexis Karl once said “Man, woman and the unknown…  the greatest challenge alive”. Don’t be afraid to live up to your potential as a human being. The depth of attention you give to your goals is the key. With the right goal, your creative powers can be stronger than the negative. Another quote by Dr Tony Quinn is ”If you want something believes that you have it and without any inner doubt it will come about”

You can make things happen by just seeing them in your mind’s eye. This is the movement of life. We evolve into being ourselves. If you are being creative you are being yourself. You benefit so many people by just being yourself.

Think of the last time you really enjoyed yourself. Were you worried at the same time? Were you self-conscious at the same time? This is akin to forgetfulness – you are no longer aware of the thoughts you have been conditioned with.

Knowledge does not automatically make you happy. Un-ambitious people can be happier than ambitious people. We will always be happy if we can forget about the goal that is annoying us.

When you’re absorbed in what you’re doing for a short time you forget all problems. However, soon they come back again once you revert to your old thought patterns. You can prevent these patterns by giving your mind something positive to run on. For example, if you own a company and the entire company collectively puts their minds on what they want with 100% certainty, a positive outcome will always ensue.

It is important to include as many people in your goals as possible as this will help them to come about even faster.

The Before and After Programme

Link what you are afraid of to what you want. Therefore, link fear to your desired outcomes. Every time the bad one comes up it will be overwhelmed by the good one. Anything you want to do really well has to become an automatic response. Unconscious attention means we are absorbed completely in the object of our attention to the exclusion of all other thoughts. Unconscious attention allows you to do everything effortlessly.

All learning is done in unconscious attention. You have to have your mind completely focused on what you want to learn. If you are unhappy, you are in conscious attention as you are being self-conscious. It is almost like being in the wrong gear. However, if you are in the right gear you are in unconscious attention.

The perfect relationship is conducted in unconscious attention. Shy people are in conscious attention as they are caught up in thought. Conscious attention is akin to self-consciousness or an inferior complex. If you are unhappy, the reason is that you are on a constant train of thought about your unhappiness. Champion athletes who operate from their thoughts as opposed to unconscious attention will not remain champions for long.

Stick to the Goals You Really Want for Success

If you are not interested in something it won’t captivate you and it’s likely you won’t remember it. Do not pick goals you do not want. Stick to the goals you really want. Pick a goal your whole mind is passionate about. This is what is known as the ‘success system that can’t fail’. Dr Tony Quinn also takes about the primary factor in keeping your mind in the present is attention. The depth of attention you can give to something is the secret to happiness.

It is vital to do the things you love doing. If you do something that overwhelms you this will lead to stress. On the other hand, something that underwhelms you is a sure road to boredom. The key is to do something you enjoy that you are good at and that does not overwhelm you. The purpose of your life is to express yourself. If you are not doing so maybe you are living the wrong life! Self-realization occurs when you are fully absorbed in what you are doing.

What is Heaven within?

Have you ever asked yourself, what is your life amounting to – are you really expressing yourself? Do you have fun? Does it keep you fully engaged? Are you making a difference to the people around you? How can you make yourself happy? Your essence must be presented in the world. However, you cannot do anything if you are caught up in thought. Heaven is within, as is your happiness and all the answers to any question you will ever have.

Tony mentions that in Psychotherapy, the therapist does not give the client a solution to their problems. They simply watch what is going on around them and repeat back to a client what he/she has said.

Ultimately, the client draws out the answer from within. Anytime you give your full attention to what you are engaging in self-expression. You need to know yourself and what your goals are. The fastest way to do this is to be in life and not in thought.

Dr Tony Quinn Manifest Your Dreams For Successful Living

Ask yourself, are you just caught up in the thought of living? Attention is the way that you get awareness in business, sport, relationships, and life.

Believe you have something already your mind will work to bring it about. We all have the potential to manifest our dreams just by sustaining our attention on something we find enjoyable. Over time, your powers of attention will grow stronger.

Your feedback is the life around you. Are the people around you doing well or badly? Are they happy with you? We may try and convince ourselves that everyone else is wrong. This is known as cognitive dissonance and will not serve you in any way.

Write out your level of goals and see which ones are important to you. They may change throughout your life but this does not matter. All that matters according to Dr Tony Quinn is that you know what is number one for you. https://www.educoworld.com/about_tony_quinn/index.html