Accred award logo web         HOLISTIC HEALTH COACH QUALIFICATION – along with diploma in Holistic Dietetics & Nutrition, and Diploma Yoga Teacher Training.

Being a nutrition consultant or a yoga teacher is much more than making an assessment and handing a person a diet sheet, or prescribing some postures.  Working with the client to ensure that they are motivated and have the strengths and resources to stay with their new lifestyle program is at the heart of the process.


At the IAHM we have always understood that this is a holistic process with key factors being the presence of the practitioner, their level of communication and rapport with the client, their understanding of how to influence the client at both a conscious and a deeper, more unconscious level, to ensure that clients are genuinely committed and pro-active in achieving their goals.


The Holistic Health Coach award from the prestigious International Association for Coaching recognises the central role of communication and coaching skills in our training and opens up even more career opportunities for our graduates.